Professional Courses

Professional Development Courses under Erasmus+ KA1. SiriusTraining offers courses that meet the quality criteria and priorities of the new Erasmus+ programme.


The priorities that the company addresses are: the development of basic and transversal skills such as entrepreneurship, digital skills and multilinguism; the enhancement of ICT skills; the contribution to the re-skilling and up-skilling of adults; new teaching methodologies;  integration and multiculturalism.

Below is a list of the courses we are currently running. Courses may be tailored to suit your requirements.

 Learning Through Films
 Learning and Teaching in a Networked Environment
 Capturing England in Images
 Using Drama as a Learning Tool
 Brain Fitness (Creativity in the School)
 Develop More Consciousness (Human Rights Documentary)
 Storytelling in London
 Teaching with Video Making Techniques
 From Idea To Project: How to build a good project if you are looking for funding opportunities

Courses usually run the first week and third week of every month, but additional dates may be added based on your needs. The duration of the courses will be 5 working days, with the option of extending them to 10 working days.