Dealing with Diversity

Integrate ME
December 30, 2019
Through the Lens of the Other
February 8, 2019

Dealing with Diversity is an Erasmus+ KA2 youth strategic partnership project for the exchange of good practices.

The project is addressed to trainers, youth workers, and staff involved in youth education. The aim is for them to acquire new strategies to promote respect for diversity and social inclusion. Also, to share strategies used in dealing with cultural diversity.

The project aims to develop a culture of diversity in order to facilitate the social inclusion of young people belonging to different target groups, especially from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Project objectives

1. To increase the professional development of each partner organization through
European collaboration, through non-formal and intercultural learning for managing cultural diversity by means of 2 Short-term joint staff training events.

2. To strengthen the networking among partners developing a new learning e-tool – “Dealing with Diversity Through Arts”, a web TV channel as a true resource of international value, bringing together the best European practices to facilitate social inclusion of young people belonging to cultural minorities.

3. To launch an awareness-raising campaign called Respect for Cultural Diversity.

The objectives will be achieved through 2 Short-term joint staff training events during which the target groups of each partner will learn:

– to use theatre of the oppressed for developing a culture of diversity and to stimulate social inclusion of young people belonging to different minority groups ;

-to create video products against cultural intolerance and its consequences

– to use street painting, stencil graffiti, fanzine, mail art with messages for respect for

– to use sport against social exclusion – to make friends cooking and sharing bread and arts

The project impact on the trainers and youth workers will be very strong. They will acquire digital competences and artistic practices, will create ICT resources, will acquire  competences to train youth to develop o culture of diversity, to respect cultural diversity and to stand against intolerance.  Also, the project will have a great impact on youth too. They will become more capable to develop a culture of diversity, to respect people belonging to different cultural diversity groups, to stand against intolerance.

The project will give the chance to staff and volunteers from the participating organisations to take part in 2 training events, one in Bulgaria in July 2019 and one in Lithuania, in March 2020. Please see the opportunity here.