Ipath 2 Upskilling

CAMP: Community, Architecture, Migration, Participation
February 28, 2021

Project website: https://project.ipath2upskilling.net/

Ipath 2 Upskilling is an Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership Project in the field of Adult Education

Targeting a holistic approach, the project identified the needs of staff who support adult learners to have at hand, integrated into one, all necessary means to assist the low-skilled and low-qualified adults all through the way on their upskilling path to increase their competitiveness and adaptability in the labor market. In this respect, the project’s overall goal is to empower these professionals with an integrated and innovative iPath2UpSkilling Platform and Programme together with the specific skills required for using it in order to assure high quality upskilling pathways for the low-skilled and low-qualified adults.

The main feature of this innovative iPath2UpSkilling Platform (O1) is the development of tailor-made itineraries as a part of the iPath2UpSkilling Programme (O2). The Programme assists the adult educators to firstly do profiling activities so that later to set up the most convenient training itinerary and a personalized pathway with activities that complement the capacities and resources made available to the adult trainee.

The professionals will use the iPath2UpSkilling Platform and its resources in their daily work with the low-skilled and low-qualified adults to grant access to upskilling pathways in a flexible and an individual manner, ensuring at the same time both online and in-person instruction. Online instruction will be given through online trainings and other Open Educational Resources existing on the Platform’s Library (O3). The in-person instruction will be ensured through online video guidance and coaching services and through the pointing out and giving a direction on the interactive online map towards specific Training Providers, Competence Assessment Centers and Second Chance Schools for Adults.

The Project proposes the iPath2UpSkilling Platform & Programme as an online innovative modular platform concept that will assure the professionals (educators, trainers & other personnel who support adult learners) with the adequate tools, resources & skills to guide & to assist the low-skilled & low-qualified adults on their path to upskilling, improving & extending the supply of high quality learning opportunities tailored to the needs of individual low- skilled/-qualified adults.